Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Re-Axe Products, The Makers of the Axe-Handler .....

The Axe-Handler has been on the market for nearly three years and yet it is still a new attraction for many.  RE-Axe Products, the creators, manufacturers, and even selling force behind the Axe-Handler have been very diligent in their product offering and the purpose behind their products.  They make everything in the United States, seriously everything they can possibly in-source they do.  The packing tape, bubble wrap, ink, boxes, marketing materials, promotional items and even the racks in the warehouses are required  to be U.S. Made.  They do admit they have one or two things that just cannot be made in the USA but hopefully with their efforts and others, this may change in the future.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Gerhards Guitarworks, a full-service custom shop by master luither Robert “Cue” Gerhards ...

Gerhards Guitarworks is a full-service custom shop founded by Robert “Cue” Gerhards. With more than 40 years as a woodworker, finisher, luthier and working musician, Gerhards is known throughout the industry for his expertise, integrity and passion for achieving uncompromising quality. Over the years Gerhards Guitarworks has grown into a full service facility servicing independent musicians, collectors and luthiers worldwide.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Esoterik Guitars, High End Handmade Custom Guitars By Master Luthier Ryan Cook...

Esoterik Guitars started as a high end, custom guitar manufacturer in 2010. They met up with the extremely talented and technical guitar player Dave Reffett. They signed Dave on as their first endorsement and now offer a full line of signature (DR) models. For those of you who still like customizing your own ax they now offer the ESO-C model where you can mix and match your choice of select woods, hardware and knob placement. Esoterik Guitars is dedicated to making the most practical, comfortable and best sounding guitars imaginable. Simply try one and you won’t turn back.